11 Beaufort

Find out everything about wind energy at 11 Beaufort in the Noordoostpolder. Generate your own energy in the polder, between countless windmills. When are you going?

Learn everything about wind energy
Follow a guide to Windpark Noordoostpolder in Flevoland and experience how massive a wind turbine is. Feel the force of the wind and generate your own energy. In around 1.5 hours you have entered the world of wind energy at 11 Beaufort.

Fun and interesting
Flevoland is known for its numerous windmills. Some people like them, while others hate the sight of them. At 11 Beaufort in the Noordoostpolder, you learn more about the windmills and sustainable energy in general in an interactive manner. It’s a hot item, which makes it a fun and interesting outing.


Domineesweg 11
8308 PG Nagele
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