Get to know the Northeast Polder from the water. There are kilometres of easily navigable and beautiful canals and you will pass the most beautiful spots. Don't have your own boat? No problem, you can rent a boat at several places. Are you an experienced skipper with a boating licence? Then you can also enter the open waters of the IJsselmeer or Zwarte Meer via one of our locks.

With or without your own boat

Do you own a boat and take to the water at the first sign of spring? Or have you never sailed and do you want to experience what all those boating enthusiasts mean when they talk about peace and freedom on the water? The Northeast Polder has beautiful waterways, cosy marinas, impressive locks and various locations for boat rentals, so whether you are an experienced boater or not, your boating trip cannot fail here.

Come and moor with us - in our marinas and harbours

Main and side canals

There are three main canals in the Northeast Polder. They run from one of the locks to Emmeloord, the centre of the polder:

  1. the Lemstervaart is 16 kilometres long and starts in Emmeloord, passes through Bant and along the Kuinderbos and ends at the Friesesluis lock near Lemmer;
  2. the Zwolse Vaart is 15 kilometres long and runs from Emmeloord via Marknesse, through the Voorsterbos to the Voorstersluis;
  3. the Urkervaart is 13 kilometres long and runs from Emmeloord via Tollebeek to the Urkersluis in Urk.

Side canals connect the 10 villages in the Northeast Polder to the main canals. Almost all villages lie at the end of such a side canal.

No boat of your own? - Rent one!

Rather take to the water - by canoe or sup?

Locks in and into the Northeast Polder

In the dykes of the Northeast Polder, there is a lock next to each of the three pumping stations for entering and leaving the polder. These are the Frisian Lock (next to Buma pumping station), the Voorsters Lock (next to Smeenge pumping station) and the Urkers Lock (next to Vissering pumping station). These locks allow shipping to overcome a height difference of between 5 and 6 metres. Two other locks are the Marknessersluis and the Kadoelerkeersluis. All lock complexes consist of a combination of a lock and a movable bridge.

Taking to the open water

Are you an experienced skipper? Then why not combine a trip on one or more canals through the Northeast Polder with a stretch on the open waters of the IJsselmeer or Zwarte Meer? Just pass through a lock and go! And at the end of the day, of course, you moor at one of our marinas and end the day at a cosy restaurant nearby. The ultimate holiday feeling, right?