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Getting dirty on the mud slide, spotting butterflies in the largest butterfly garden in Europe or feeling at first hand the power of a windmill; you will never be bored in the Noordoostpolder. Explore one of our museums or wander through the tropical gardens of The Orchideeën Hoeve. You will feel like you’ve just been in another world.

Museum Schokland

imagine yourself on the former Schokland

The exhibitions both indoors and outside of Museum Schokland tell stories about the geology and archaeology of the Noordoostpolder, the origin and decline of the island, the lives of the Schokker people and the draining of the polder. The museum consists of several buildings surrounding the historic church of the Middelbuurt. Here it’s easy to imagine wandering through the former Schokland. In the museum’s vast exhibition you are transported through Schokland’s past: wandering through the centuries, history comes to life. Along the way you pass the unusual archaeological discoveries that are described in the exhibition. There are also temporary exhibitions on history, archaeology or geology spread throughout the year.

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Een gangpad van een museum, een opgesteld skelet, aan de muur zijn botten bevestigd. Op Schokland in de Noordoostpolder.


Museum Nagele

the flat-roof village

In Museum Nagele it’s the architecture that counts. That is not so surprising, given that it is situated in the middle of the only Dutch flat-roof village. Nagele was designed in the 1950s by the architects of De Acht en Opbouw, like Cornelis van Eesteren, Aldo van Eyck, Gerrit Rietveld and landscape architect Mien Ruys. In the museum there is a permanent exhibition about the origin of this creation. There are also temporary exhibitions that focus on the architecture and art.

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Het vooraanzicht van een gebouw met een plat dak. Om het gebouw heen staan diverse bomen. In Nagele in de Noordoostpolder.

11 Beaufort

experience wind

11 Beaufort is the best place to learn about wind turbines in an interactive manner. How does a windmill work and how strong is the wind created? How much noise does it make and what is the benefit of wind turbines? At 11 Beaufort all your questions about wind energy are answered and you will learn more about green, sustainable energy and Windpark Noordoostpolder. Children can measure their strength against wind force 6 in the experience centre and learn how they can generate energy themselves.

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Twee simulatiefietsen een windmachine en een muur waar de geschiedenis op verteld wordt in Nagele in de Noordoostpolder.

De Orchideeën Hoeve

a crazy day out

Eating lunch in a magical sea of flowers, wandering among thousands of butterflies and discovering hidden jungle paths. Visit The Orchideeën Hoeve and experience a crazy day out for the whole family. The Orchideeën Hoeve has been proclaimed ‘The most fun excursion in Flevoland’ by the ANWB for the past nine years, and there’s a reason for that recognition. A day trip to this indoor park (25,000 m2) feels like a short vacation for the whole family. It’s as if you have briefly been far away in an exotic world where it is always nice and warm and you are surrounded by stunning nature.

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Een gezin bestaande uit vader moeder en drie kinderen maakt samen een selfie in een tuin van De Orchideeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest in de Noordoostpolder.