You need never be bored here. We have old, we have new. We have water, we have land. We have art, we have nature. It’s true, if you look closely, there’s a world to discover in our new land.

One huge adventure

Let’s get lost

Come lose yourself in our museums that are filled with history. Listen to the stories left behind by the Zuiderzee and the polder pioneers. Wander through the impressive landscape art monuments. Stroll quietly through endless woods. And you can be sure that cycling along the straight polder fields and the babbling ditches dividing them can also be a great adventure.

Een man kijkt naar grote betonnen panelen die soms dwars staan. De oorspronkelijke functie van deze panelen was een Deltagoot. Dit staat in het Waterloopbos in de Noordoostpolder.

Discover our new land

Fertile polder fields

taste the difference

Time for some refreshment? The former sea was drained in order to provide all of the Netherlands with food. The fertile polder fields still produce the finest potatoes, vegetables and fruit. And you can taste the difference. Try it for yourself in our many excellent restaurants and cafés or grab something to eat on the go in a farm shop, stall or fruit dispenser.

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Close-up van twee tarwesprieten met een tarweveld op de achtergrond in Creil Noordoostpolder.