Food forest Zonnegoed

A food forest is perhaps the most nature-inclusive way of producing food. Or the most edible form of nature. It's just how you look at it. At Zonnegoed, a five-and-a-half hectare forest full of edible trees, shrubs and perennials has been growing since 2020. And full of life: birds, insects, hedgehogs and rabbits. And people. To harvest.

Only to harvest, because a cleverly constructed food forest sustains itself for many decades. Weeding, fertilising, watering, tilling, all those things that keep a farmer busy all season long are not necessary in a food forest. After establishment, only patience is needed. After five to seven years, we will start picking and harvesting fruit, nuts, mushrooms and other delicacies from the forest.

Several thousand trees will grow in our forest, sequestering tonnes of CO2 every year. So good for nature, the climate and a nice package of healthy vegan food.


Oud Emmeloorderweg 34
8307 RA Ens
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