Escape Room Emmelocked

Emmelocked, a magical escape experience! 

Take on a unique challenge in a fairytale setting. Step into the world of Emlia and be immersed in a fantasy story in which you and your team are the protagonists.

The fantasy story:

The world has become unbalanced. An evil force has poisoned the water of life and only traces of blood have been found of its main protector. Time is running out. One night until the blood moon is complete, one night until it is too late.... 

You and your travelling companions face a choice: do you turn around and go back or do you step into Emlia's world to save the land? Who do you challenge to this escape experience with? Emmelocked offers you an adventure that will challenge, fascinate and surprise you for over an hour.

Even more than an Escape Room, Emmelocked is an escape from reality!


Havenstraat 30
8304 DP Emmeloord
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