Walking route "Jaagpad op de kuierlatten"

In the middle of 'the bathtub' of the Northeast Polder, you will find the beautiful Jaagpad: a route for walkers who want to get a breath of fresh air and also experience the balance between landscape and village, between nature and culture. You walk straight through farmland, past agricultural fields and one of the polder's most beautiful reed beds, to the Urkervaart canal. There you will undergo views over water, a recently constructed dike, the Tollebeker bridge and the village view of Tollebeek. You can then choose from three follow-up routes.

Starting point: Karel Doormanweg 34 Tollebeek
Route: 4 km

You can pick up the route from the site www.opdekuierlatten.nl, see link at the bottom of this page.

Jaagpad is one of the "Op de Kuierlatten routes". In cooperation with Landschapsbeheer Flevoland, a number of farmers have opened up their farms to walk on their plots. Strolling through farmland. Not on paved paths, but along dykes, across fields, through orchards and forests and past cultural-historical sights.

4.0 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Karel Doormanweg 34
End point: Karel Doormanweg 34