MTB route Bant

The MTB route has a length of 1.9 kilometres and starts at a gate at the farm driveway. The route has several bypasses with technical challenges, and is challenging with all its curves. In terms of length, it is very suitable for children. The blue route is most straightforward, the red is more exciting.

The soil consists of sea clay (the former Zuiderzee). This is noticeable in wet periods; the route is then slippery. In summer, on the other hand, the clay is firm. Regular adjustments are made to the course.

Integrated into the route is a specially built bike park. Follow the red signs for this. Access to the bikepark is free and parking is allowed in the yard. However, a voluntary contribution for the use of the bikepark is requested.

We are working on a place to hose down mountain bikes and a place to sit afterwards. May 2023, the opening of the bike café with terrace is planned.

MTB route Bant

1.9 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Banterweg 17
8314 PA Bant
End point: Banterweg 17
8314 PA Bant