The Bikes & Bites cycling tour on the seabed

The Bikes & Bites cycling tour on the seabed
The Bikes & Bites tour is the ideal combo of a sporty and culinary indulgence tour. This is a fascinating cycling route through Noordoostpolder, which takes in five excellent restaurants keen to lavish their own individual brand of irresistible hospitality. Enjoy a full day of the amazing natural environment and delicious delights on offer at these various eateries. Plan on a 10am to 6pm jaunt to absorb the pure pleasure of the Bikes & Bites tour in full.

Everything is taken care of for 38.50 euros. Lay down a foundation with coffee and something mouth-watering, then it’s off on a clear route, to reserved tables and a delectable four course meal. Only the drinks are extra. Book now online via the website; you know you deserve it!

The seabed; 55 km
The sea once reigned supreme here in times gone by, but that was a long time ago. The water has been securely ‘diked’ and space made for the very Dutch polder. Get to know Noordoostpolder, on the seabed…

Remarkable fortress
The day starts four meters below the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum in Emmeloord. From here you cycle the polder, with 360 degree panoramic views towards Luttelgeest and Kuinre. Along the way you get to know the Kuinderburcht fortress; a protective beacon towering over the landscape since the 12th century. The foundations have been restored and are certainly worth a visit.

The name 'Luttelgeest' literally means 'little ghost', a reference to the local Lord of Kuinre's daughter who drowned close to the fortress on 23 October 1406. Locals insist she continues to haunt the village...

Blokzijl is an attractive small town with a marina for leisure craft. In previous times, Blokzijl was markedly different, as it once served as a major operational base for the State Fleet during the Eighty Year's War. An old canon on the quayside is a reminder of those days.

The Voorsterbos woodlands soon come into view. Planted in 1944, this is one of the oldest woods in Flevoland. In those days forestry workers had little experience with the soil left behind from reclaiming the Zuiderzee and therefore opted to plant a range of different trees. The result is a wonderfully varied wood. After the main meal you return to Emmeloord via Marknesse.

The route starts with coffee and something delicious at the Voorhuys restaurant in Emmeloord. The next culinary delight is a pre course at Wipkip Kuinre in Luttelgeest, followed by soup at Sluiszicht in Blokzijl. The main dish will be served at 'De Voorst' in Kraggenburg and you will arrive back in Emmeloord in time for desert at Chillers restaurant.

55.0 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Fietsroute Happen & Trappen op de bodem van de zee
De Deel 20
End point: Fietsroute Happen & Trappen op de bodem van de zee
De Deel 20