Sandsculpture trail

Every year, you can take a nice walk past various sand sculptures in the Kuinder forest. The theme is different every year. As such, the sand sculptures have previously depicted recognisable scenes from World War II (in view of 75 years of liberation) and well-known children's books have also featured before. In the 2022-2023 season, it is the turn of '80 years dry'.

The Noordoostpolder municipality is 60 years old in 2022 and, in addition, in September of the same year, it was 80 years since the Noordoostpolder was reclaimed. As part of this, not only can the themed sand sculptures be admired, but new informative signs have also been installed. The signs provide information about the various trees found in the Kuinderbos. They show a detailed description of the trees, photos and other fun facts, allowing walkers to learn more about what grows and flourishes in the forest. 

The route starts at Schoterweg near house number 5 in Bant. Parking is available along Schoterweg at the start of the route. This is marked with a sign. Please note that parking is prohibited on one side of the road to keep it clear and safe for passing motorists.

The sand sculpture trail is about 2.5 km long and goes along unpaved forest paths. Dogs are allowed along on a leash only and walkers are asked to look only with their eyes, not their hands. So enjoy the sculptures without touching them, then many more people can enjoy them until June 2023.

2.5 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Schoterweg 5 A
End point: Schoterweg 5 A