Our tulips

Have you ever been to the Noordoostpolder in the spring? It’s a must. Don’t tell anyone, but we think it’s the most beautiful season of the year. The new land becomes coloured again and millions of tulips start flowering on our fields. Take flower-filled photos at the dazzling tulip fields or learn more about this traditional Dutch flower at the experience and information centres you encounter on the way. Every year during the Tulip Festival a 100 km long Tulip Route is plotted that can be followed in a car, walking or cycling.



the high point of the year!

The Tulip Festival 2022 will take place from April 16 to May 8. Currently, a responsible manner of holding it is being explored. This year various routes aremapped out again.There’s a multitude of activities for young and old during the Tulip Festival. Please refer to the website of the Tulip Festival for more information. 

More about the Tulip Festival 2022
Bovenaanzicht van een tulpenveld met oranje en roze tulpen in de Noordoostpolder.